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What does your business need to go to the next step?

What does your business need to go to the next step?

Scaling a business is hard, and that’s the main reason 8 out of 10 businesses fail. Of course I make the assumption they are good technically at what they do.

Often the failure to scale a business means that companies can’t manage turbulent times or unforeseen periods of difficulty that sometimes aren’t even created by those in the business. As technology weaves it’s way further into the fabric of our businesses the need to use those I.T. systems to scale and grow becomes greater and greater.

I.T. and the technology available to you is your “get out of jail free” card, often solutions can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of a new employee, to achieve the necessary growth required to hire those new team members you require but don’t have the capital quite yet. For over 15 years we’ve worked with many Yorkshire companies to create efficiency in their offices, increase employee engagement and productivity.

We first sit down with you, understand your business it’s values and challenges and then we look at monitoring the performance of the systems in your company and look to make improvements not just in the systems performance but how the technology in your business is used.

From this we can each month make constant improvements and efficiency gains for your team. This then leads into a huge spike in productivity and employee engagement.

Then scaling your business is easy, as it’s done in a holistic and manageable way, we’re positive that only by building these relationships with you can businesses succeed and thrive. In fact for 15 years we’ve built scaled Aurora Tech Support in this way through our technology. If you’d like to have a chat with us about how we can help you to scale and create a business for your competitors to be jealous of please get in touch.

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Credibility – We need IT, you need IT

Credibility – We need IT, you need IT

As business owners we talk endlessly about social media, brand message, standards, communication, how approachable we are, how responsive we are, why we’re better than our competitors. To the point that everyone looks the same.

Businesses know how to play the game, communication is easier than ever, the internet has given a platform to everyone to send out their message, and we do don’t we?

While we might all know what to say the one thing you can’t fake is credibility.

And that’s what we are all seeking at the end of the day, this crusade for post likes, shares, followers of our business pages ultimately leading to sales, we want credibility, because as was ever the case.

Credibility is the real currency of success.

Some businesses are just different, they don’t try and force through how good they are they show it as soon as they have the chance, they aren’t perfect but they’ll make it right if once in a Blue moon they let you down.

These companies not only realise that standards need to be high, they deliver. And the only way they can do this in the modern climate is attention to detail from start to finish.

With themselves, the message they deliver to their team, the message their team deliver to their clients. And I.T. now underpins all of this, our I.T. systems are the tool that allows these performances to be put in. And when that fails everything crashes like a house of cards, and credibility goes through the floor.

Corners cannot be cut if you’re serious about being among the best at what you do, your I.T. partner needs to understand you, and understand that your success is their success.

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Business Growth and Development

Business Growth and Development

I was brought in to Aurora Tech Support predominately help existing clients build and develop their businesses through efficient technology, and bring in new clients too but my main role is to pass the Aurora philosophy of teamwork, leadership and communication through technology to our loyal customers.

I’ve worked with Aurora on and off now for years and have always worked well as we share many of the same principles. We believe in an honest and prompt service, that delivers for both you and your end clients who we haven’t even met, we believe that through this cost savings and better results happen. Removing inefficiency in business creates a snowball effect on everything around you and your business.

So you might now be wondering how we do this? The answer is simple, it’s not rocket science. It’s not reinventing the wheel. It’s implementing proven business practices that have existed since businesses were invented, we just do it better and and with a modern twist. We use technology to deliver fantastic results for clients and prospects and therefore your clients and prospects.

We use leadership techniques pioneered by Dale Carnegie and other leading business professionals. We’ll be delivering a few seminars on the subject later on this year but if you’d like to have a chat about anything in the meantime please give us a call on

01937 586888

Or click below to find out a bit more

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Is your Business stuck in an I.T. “Catch 22”?

Is your Business stuck in an I.T. “Catch 22”?

It’s the classic quagmire, you need to change your I.T. support provider because they are letting you and your team down, but you don’t have the time to deal with it at the moment. We see and hear this all the time, you’re not alone we promise.

And probably the reason you don’t have the time to deal with it at the moment is because your poor I.T. infrastructure, the tools and backbone of your business are slowing you down and putting you behind.

It’s an enigma wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in an enigma (so to speak).

Also it’s not straight forward we understand that, sometimes your current provider has all the settings, network map and understanding of your systems and pulling the tablecloth from underneath sometimes can seem like it might not leave all the items on the table standing, putting you in a worse situation. It’s a mess! Just like the network.

But something has to be done, because poor I.T. impacts every aspect of your business from leadership to team morale to results. And every day you tolerate poor I.T. systems in your Business you’re losing time and money.

It seems you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. But you don’t have to feel like that.

We see this day in day out with the companies we speak with and we feel your pain, that is why we have built in to our client platform not only the ability to manage your I.T. settings, passwords, GDPR plus more but manage migrations to us as your supplier.

You let us know exactly what you do know about your setup and exactly what you don’t know and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll fill in the gaps to give you peace of mind moving forwards and best of all it won’t cost you a penny, for the time taken finding the answers to your network setup if we are your provider for the support we won’t charge.

Plus any information about your I.T. infrastructure you add to our management platform is encrypted so only you and our engineers can get the information required to improve your systems and amaze your clients and prospects.

Truly win win

To speak with a member of our team today give us a call on 01937 5868888 and we’ll get you out of the swamp. We look forward to working with you.

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Part Two: Focus and Discipline

Part Two: Focus and Discipline

We discussed last week the fundamental needs of your business to succeed. Focus, practice and discipline.

These three things I have found to be the key to the continued success of Aurora Tech Support. A few years ago we restructured our systems to be built around these three cornerstones and have reaped the benefits more than we could have ever dreamed. It creates a snowball effect and an exponential curve in every area of the Business.

The only way you can improve something is by measuring it, scrutinising the results and making changes accordingly, and this needs to be a weekly or at the very least monthly activity.

That’s why you need a I.T. partner to work with because as Daniel Priestley states in his book “Oversubscribed: How to Get People Lining Up to Do Business with You” every business is now an I.T. business. People live on the internet, converse on the internet and do business on the internet.

In fact you’ll find that over the next few years zero business is conducted outside of the internet, no doubt you’ll meet someone face to face in person at a networking event or sportsman’s dinner soon, but the first thing they are going to do if they want a coffee or to talk business? They’re going to add you on LinkedIn or drop you an email to make plans. This is the new normal.

If you’re not there and you’re not communicating effectively you’re not only losing business you’re on your way out of business.

We work as a strategic I.T. partner with over 45 local firms, this is more than traditional I.T. support this as well as offering all you’d expect from an I.T. supplier in terms of break fix support on issues, monitoring of systems, servers for housing data, emails and websites we also sit down frequently took look at the businesses performance, we look at the workforce’s productivity, we look at client experiences, enquiries generated through the website and even how effective leadership is produced by the management team.

We are an extension of your business, involved just as you are and driven to help deliver results and drive your continued success.

Give us a call today to discuss your needs, it’s free and we promise to give you some amazing ideas to go away and think about.

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Part One: Focusing on the right thing

Part One: Focusing on the right thing

As business owners we’re all trying to get to the same place, a successful business, with happy employees that runs efficiently.

We work with business owners across Yorkshire, and there’s one trait they all share, being busy. We know from experience that although everyone is busy, they are not always busy doing the right things. It’s easy to look in from the outside and spot the mistakes, but from the side its often hard to see the wood for the trees, and usually that is what stops all of us from getting where we want

We need tools. The tools to succeed.

We need practice, we need mentors, we need focus and we need discipline.

Put simply in our businesses the challenges are either, human resources, technology or both. So if there was a supplier that could unify I.T. and Human Resources then we’d be on to a winner right?

Our focus might be I.T. support, but the lessons we’ve learnt over the last 15 years have taught us a lot. We understand the pitfalls that befall your business, and the processes you can put in place to overcome them.

It’s important to survey your surroundings and evaluate the job in hand. There is a wealth of great information about how to achieve the successes you crave and I for one think there’s too much and it’s almost impossible to know who to listen too.

Which is why I say find a mentor, or two, or three. And listen.

You might be wondering “what this has to do with I.T. Support?” everything really but that will become clearer as we continue. Because this is about challenging beliefs including what you believe I.T. Support can offer your company.

If the mood takes you to follow what I write here I ask that you not only try the suggestions but exhaust them before you decide it doesn’t work, these aren’t necessarily quick fixes. Some of the processes we’ve enacted at Aurora Tech Support have taken two years to start baring fruit. We’ve read the books, we’ve listened to a mentor, or two or three, we’ve adopted new tools we’re now reaping the rewards.

The key to achieving what you want for your business is to put systems in place, and the sensible way to put systems in place in this day and age (and forevermore I might add) is to use technology. Not only is it neat, tidy and organised it’s your own personal PA / Coach to remind you and keep you on the right track. That however is where discipline comes in.

Unfortunately technology cannot make you disciplined, in fact there’s only really one person that can do that, unless you join the SAS. If you want to start getting disciplined check out a video by Art Williams called “Do it” and watch it every week, the irony here is you need to be disciplined to watch every week. That’s on you I’m afraid. So in terms of “focusing on the right thing” the first right thing is discipline.

See you next week, or if you want to get the ball rolling with a forward thinking I.T. partner book a free, no obligation phone chat below.


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