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How COVID-19 will likely affect how businesses work in the future

How COVID-19 will likely affect how businesses work in the future

There’s no doubt about it the impact of Coronavirus has been huge, but how much will go back to “normal” when this is all over? What is “normal” going to be? Because it will not be what we were all used to pre covid-19.

In this post we will aim to set out what we believe the differences will be and what you and your team need to do to not only survive but thrive. Also please feel free to let know your thoughts.

A bit of back story from our perspective which I’ll try to keep to the point. In trying to balance relationship building and customer service our engineers have often opted to go to the clients’ offices and carry out our services in person when they could be done remotely.

This has been done for a few reasons as well as the two mentioned above, it seems somewhat counter-intuitive to spend time traveling when no or little other client work can be carried out when a job can be done remotely but we feel on balance the benefits outweigh this and until recently it’s been hard for clients’ to understand that a decent job can be done remotely. That’s by far a criticism but as remote working has only recently been largely adopted by UK businesses, you know what you know. (In March we set up over 500 VPN connections for our clients).

So we’ve always been advocates for the fact that remote working is not only possible but has many benefits over traveling to the office, like all things in life though, it’s surely about finding the right balance?

What’s it going to be like when Lockdown is over?
There’s no doubt about it things will be different, I think there’s a new understanding from management about how businesses can operate extremely efficiently remotely.

So I believe we will see a mix, I think we will all rush back into our offices to see co-workers and I doubt much work will be done that first day back, however as the dust settles I think we will see a much more fluid and connected workplace not just by office feng shui.

We’ve all spent a lot of time setting up remote working and forcibly become accustomed to it, there will no doubt be times when this makes sense rather than popping into the office.

How can businesses adapt to this new landscape?
Some things never change, clients and prospects will still want requests dealt with rapidly as the internet has accustomed us to, so we will all still need to offer amazing support on our products and services, however, there will be an understanding that a colleague may be working remotely and so hasn’t yet spoken to the office about a report or proposal yet.

This means that while answers to queries will need to be quick an understanding that the answers aren’t immediately available will purvey.

As we get back into the swing of the new normal it will be important to have amazing team collaboration software to effectively communicate and deliver for your clients. Things such as and Slack are great for this, they allow for fluid communication and bundling projects together, many of our clients have been using these tools for years and if you’re not using them yet I suggest you check them out.

Awesome phone systems that are adaptable and full of helpful features will be paramount. Such as not only a desk phone but also backed by an app you can have on your Laptop, Desktop, iPad, Mobile Phone, etc. They allow you to do everything you can do at your desk and more such as chat with colleagues and visual voicemail.

Apparently we’ve all spent a huge amount on home office furniture, for those that have space this will no doubt stay and continue to allow us to get huge amounts done outside the office, therefore ergonomic workspaces will be incredibly important to allow a fluid workflow.

flexible working embedded as standard, will no doubt be the biggest challenge, however, companies that allow their workforce to work flexibly and monitor results rather than time will benefit the most. Giving your team the freedom to produce results at the best times rather than clocking in and clocking out will have huge benefits for your business. Make sure that it’s part of your HR policy and you’re constantly adapting and monitoring.

These are the core principles we should all focus on to allow for efficiency and growth coming out of COVID-19 there will no doubt be much much more to look at as we all get back to “normal”

Thanks, everyone that made it this far, we’d love to hear from you.

covid-19 coronavirus and how to ensure business continuity

covid-19 coronavirus report and how best to protect your business

We deleted our Blog

We deleted our Blog

We deleted our Blog, over the years we added post upon post in an effort to get content on our website for potential clients to find and in the end we found we had a mess of blog posts that wasn’t easy to read or inviting in the slightest.

So we made the decision to start a fresh, only adding posts we genuinely believe to be of use to customers and prospects. We want to create a sensible space for information about IT, IT Services and how your business can benefit from investment in your office IT.

We know you’re probably not enthralled by the IT in your office, it’s probably a necessary evil, you’re probably more interested in the phone you pull from your pocket as most of us are, but there is a importance on not just what our IT says about us but also how it makes our lives easier and deliveres us the success we require.

There’s no getting away from it, the IT in your organisation is paramount to your success in business, and you should over look it at your peril.


Why IT will make or break your company’s success, and why you should care

Why IT will make or break your company’s success, and why you should care

“You are heavily dependent on IT and without it you’d really struggle to run your business.”


The above might seem at first glance to be a bit of an overstatement, after all “you and your people are the business”, now I don’t dispute that but do me a favor please turn off all the devices in your business and then go about your day with them remaining off. You can switch them back on tomorrow and resume activities as per usual.

Great thanks, now OK on this occasion we voluntarily switched everything off and switched back on as needed (I’m going to assume you humored me) but what if we involuntarily lost the IT systems in our businesses?

What redundancy’s do you have? This morning a new prospect contacted us and mentioned the reason for their call was their IT support open after them and when the 23 staff got in first thing the server was down, it was 2 hours before they could report it and a further 5 hours before they could work, 7 hours of downtime for this company cost them £4,000 in lost revenue and £3,450 in staff wages.

Opps! That’s just 7 hours, imagine if there was prolonged downtime, sometimes downtime is inevitable a telecoms engineer unplugs the wrong port at the exchange or a burst pipe wipes out the comms room (I wouldn’t put pipes in the Comms room) but response is key, we pride ourselves on our communication and response to client requests. Have a free 30 minute chat to see how we can support your continued business success.

IT is disrupting traditional industries, how to avoid the graveyard

IT is disrupting traditional industries, how to avoid the graveyard

The largest Taxi Company in the World don’t own any vehicles and the largest Hotelier in the World doesn’t own any Hotels.

If that fact doesn’t prick your ears up then I sincerely don’t think anything will.

IT is disrupting pretty much every industry and it’s only going to get worse, you might be forgiven for thinking you better get an App for your company quick but in all honesty that’s most likely a waste of money for two reasons.

  1. You shouldn’t ever do anything that requires significant investment “quick”
  2. A business App won’t work for most people

The true trend here is about convenience, if you can provide what you do through an app then great, but your company and it’s products are probably about nuance and that is pretty hard to convey via an App. The real importance here is to align yourself with an IT Support company that works with you to deliver results and understands your needs (We both know who that is).

If you should like to speak to us about the IT in your business please book now.

A new type of IT Company

A new type of IT Company

You’ve probably heard us mention that we’re a new type of IT company. We say this because a few years ago a client said to us.

“People just want a IT company to support their business that, answers the phone when you call, responds in a positive and timely manner and works as hard as they do in their business to fix issues”

We decided that we needed to embrace this in our corporate values and build the services we offer around the thoughts and views of our customers, see it’s not really about IT, well it is but it’s also about communication, respect, speed of response and relationship building. And we are the best at it.

Don’t get us wrong we drop the ball sometimes but so does “Manuel Neuer” (Football Reference) but we pick it up again and crack on.

That is why we are a new type of IT company