Why a maintenance agreement is probably the best way to protect your companies future.

Paying monthly for your I.T. support may seem like an unnecessary expense, however the benefits it affords you can be vast.

As well as allowing you to spread the cost of I.T. support and there by manage cash flow ; on a yearly basis it will nearly always work out cheaper, as expected you also enjoy a better level of I.T. support with guaranteed turn around times and monitoring of core systems. So in most cases we know if an issue seems imminent and as such we can respond.

And as I’m sure you’ll already know increased up-time in your business will most likely pay for the cost of a monthly agreement.

So where to go from here?

Aurora Computers will come to your premises (You’re more than welcome at ours) to have a look at your setup and test the network. We will perform a free network audit so we can stress test your infrastructure and make the necessary suggestions to put productivity into the stratosphere.

Lets build an amazing relationship and work together to produce amazing results for your organisation.

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