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Business Microsoft 365 Security in Yorkshire. Leeds, Harrogate, Wetherby & Otley

Hackers and criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their approach to infiltrating companies. Bad actors used to employ a broad approach once they have access to your data however now attacks are increasingly more measured and specific.

More and more breaches now see the attacker sitting and monitoring accounts waiting for the right time (for an average of 99 days). Creating rules in emails to divert from your attention any red flags from clients.

It’s more important than ever to make sure your account security is as tight as possible and accounts are monitored for any incoming threats thereby complementing any existing cybersecurity services your organisation may currently procure.

Business Microsoft 365 security in Yorkshire. Leeds, Harrogate, Otley, Wetherby and York

Full-stack security

First things first, getting to the nuts and bolts.

I’m sure you’re aware of the need for an “Internet security” or “Anti Virus” package on your devices. But these really are the first step, we offer full-stack security to prevent issues from start to finish.

Managed security as a service means that not only are we taking care of your businesses I.T. day to day operations and making sure things are running efficiently but also keeping a professional and proactive eye on outside threats to your business.

We don’t just have industry-leading software in our product stack but we have real human beings proactively monitoring your data and devices.

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full-stack security 1. endpoint security Security software on your device to protect against direct attacks to your device. Anti virus, anti spam, anti malware and firewall 2. NinjaRMM We monitor your device as if we're sat at the screen, and we receive alerts for around 400 potential issues. Meaning not only do we know about issues as soon as they happen we can usually remedy in minutes. 3. Heimdal Security Protecting you against Ransomware, as well as unintrusive software on each device a team of security experts is actively checking your devices for threats. Using a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and human expertise. 4. Security audits We provide manual security audits on your account every week, this way we can find potential risky login attempts and protect your data from unwanted attention. 5. Backup Robust backups, utilising previous versions to avoid corruption, ransomware protection and offsite replication. 6. Microsoft 365 Security We configure your Microsoft 365 Tennant (if you have one, if you don't you should consider switching) to be secure, alarting your team to potential issues and blocking many popular tactics of hackers and bad actors.

Weekly checks

We perform weekly internal checks to make sure there’s no risky logins to your Microsoft 365 Tennant, we check user login locations to make sure they are from your location (or there’s a good reason for a foreign logins), new rules created for mailboxes etc.

These checks help keep you and your business data safe from fraud.

Microsoft 365

If your business isn’t already using Microsoft 365 for emails we would seriously recommend it, we can manage the migration so you have zero downtime.

The extra security, protection, and auditing capabilities just might protect the future of your business.

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Dark Web Monitoring

Companies offering dark web monitoring is a bit like Snake Oil, the nature of the dark web is that it’s hidden and nefarious.

So when we say dark web monitoring let’s be clear.

We will monitor your company emails and account credentials in known illicit dark web shops and known data breaches.

Secure accounts

We frequently check the security in your accounts and make recommendations based on our findings.

Where possible we impliment Multi Factor Authentication in portals such as Office 365 and G Suite.

Strategic assessments of company email and network security.

We check your company emails against HIBP’s database of compromised accounts.

We check your passwords again HIBP’s list of compromised passwords.

Optional add-on uSecure will provide instant access to compromised accounts in your orgainsation and training for your team.

Optional add-on uSecure provides Phishing simulations so you can test your team and find gaps in company security.

What’s covered

Phishing protection

Alerts when an email claiming to be from an internal colleague is in fact external.

Location reports

We check reports weekly of where your users are logging in from, if there’s something suspicious we’ll investigate.

Multi Factor Authentication

As well as your password a code will be displayed on your mobile phone for access.

This is the number one way to thwart attackers.

External email forwards blocked

As standard we will block any forwarding of companies outside the organisation and whitelist legitimate requests.

Email, OneDrive & Sharepoint Backup

All Microsoft 365 data is backed up securely to secure cloud servers in the event of a breach and attack.

User checks against known breaches

We run weekly checks against known breaches and where your user details may be being sold on the Dark Web.

All our monthly agreements for the management of businesses I.T. services include “standard” security and protection. Click below for more information on Managed I.T. Services

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