SLA (Maintenance Agreement)

SLA (Maintenance Agreement)

By far the best way of procuring the I.T. Support needed for your company is on a Maintenance Agreement (SLA).

Not only does this guarantee you cheaper rates and a better response the service we provide is Proactive rather than Reactive. We monitor core systems so we’ll probably know there’s an issue before you do, plus you get discounts on Hardware and Software licenses.

The added benefit of spreading the cost of support throughout the year while saving money is a win win for your organisation.

All Critical Services are included in our contracts, no bolt ons for Backup or Security. You know if you have a contract with us you’re protected.

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Benefits of an SLA

Cheaper fees on IT Support
Cheaper Hardware / Software Licenses
Spread The Cost Of IT Support
Complimentary Off Site Secured Backup
Complimentary Cyber Security for Every Device
Monthly Infrastructure Performance Reports