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For every maintenance contract we have with our clients we give £5 a month to RNLI.

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Why an IT Support Maintenance Contract (SLA) is probably a good fit for your business

Most businesses will benefit from a Maintenance Contract for the provision of their IT needs within their organisation for a few reasons.

Firstly the cost of IT support in general is reduced when provisioned on a maintenance agreement because the supplier (us) knows you’re with us for a duration of time, thus allowing us to reward that support with a beneficial rate.
Also the ability to spread the cost across the year should ease cash flow and you know exactly what you’ll spend on a month to month basis should any issues arise.

Then obviously you’re first in the queue if any issues do arise, so you can have piece of mind when there is an issue you need help with.

All in all about 70% of businesses benefit from provisioning their IT Support on a Maintenance Agreement.

An IT Maintenance Agreement (SLA) if delivered properly will also increase up-time of your infrastructure and remove any bottlenecks from your Network, this is because we will remotely monitor your network and devices within and notice any potential or current issues.

Aurora Computers currently provides IT Maintenance to hundreds of Businesses in Wetherby, Harrogate, Leeds, York and beyond. Please give us a call if you would like a member of the team to come to your premises to discuss further how an IT Maintenance agreement will benefit your organisation.

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