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Your success drives everything we do – and we mean everything. That’s why we offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of applications, data, security and infrastructure services. And we’ve built a deep bench of passionate, proactive experts across the world’s leading technologies — delivering unbiased solutions to help you thrive in a complex, multi-cloud world.

Cyber Security

Protect networks, devices from attacks.

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PoC Development

Free your business from the cost and burden.

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Product Design

Save you time, manage your orders.

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Product Design

Save you time, manage your orders.

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Quality Assurance

Reduce your capital and operating costs

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Quality Assurance

Reduce your capital and operating costs.

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App Development

Optimized environment with best technologies.

iOS And Android

Cloud Migration

Range from full applications to servers.

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Your business depends on your IT systems. Outsourceo offer planning, installation, maintenance and support for all sorts of IT and communications technology. We value and promote seamless interaction with clients’ own teams.

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“Outsourceo combines expert resources, a passion for innovation, app development.”

Torsten Larsen

CEO, InCom Solutions

“Outstanding development team! Great discipline and service! Thank you for work!”

Hilary Thomson

IT Manager, LTD Corp.

“Selected Outsourceo and its software growth abilities. All worked closely and very hard.”

Katherine Oxford

Managing Director, Cinergy

“Outsourceo designed and tested a demanding program in a record time and right budget.”

Leroy Brownie

CEO, United LTD

Today’s Industry Insights

25th July 2020 in World

Garmin services down due to suspected ransomware attack

Garmin has been down for around 2 1/2 days so far following an outage to its website, apps, Garmin Connect and flyGarmin. Garmin announced on Twitter two days ago. The issue has even spread as far as its call centers, emails and online messages. The reason behind the outage hasn’t yet been revealed but many …

by Darren

17th July 2020 in World

Microsoft 365 / OneDrive / Sharepoint Backups

Cloud storage for Documents is of course becoming the sensible way to store your files as the flexibility it allows across you devices and the world to retrieve your data. So it probably won’t surprise you when I tell you how often we hear from a client that “Google Drive/iCloud/OneDrive/Sharepoint are backed up in the …

by Darren

10th July 2020 in World

Top 5 things companies should be doing to improve security

We asked our engineers for their “absolute musts” in company security. The things that have to be implemented company-wide and are non-negotiable. Here’s what they came back with Multi Factor Authentication This by far was the number one recommendation from our team. It’s such a simple thing, not all platforms support it but many if …

by Darren

29th June 2020 in World

Security Fridays at Aurora Tech Support

Our mission statement (I’m not sure about that term) our reason for existing? Is that better? Our reason for existing in 2003 is still the same today, to work hard for our clients, build relationships, keep moving as a company, and keep innovating. With that in mind, it hasn’t escaped our attention that cybersecurity, breaches, …

by Darren

24th June 2020 in World

Microsoft 365 Security

Microsoft 365 breaches are becoming more and more of an issue for businesses, we’re not one’s to sensationalise in an attempt to maximise the services we provide to our clients, but breaches from bad actors are becoming more of an issue and increasing at a quite frankly alarming rate. Hackers and bad actors after gaining …

by Darren

4th May 2020 in World

How COVID-19 will likely affect how businesses work in the future

There’s no doubt about it the impact of Coronavirus has been huge, but how much will go back to “normal” when this is all over? What is “normal” going to be? Because it will not be what we were all used to pre covid-19. In this post we will aim to set out what we …

by Darren

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