We are passionate about I.T. and exist to deliver a high standard at a reasonable price. We are not interested in being the cheapest because the cheapest isn’t the best.

The challenges of being a independent retailer are pretty great these days, online box shifters dodging taxes and charging peanuts are a world apart from the services offered to you buy professionally trained independent companies.

It is not our policy to fiddle our taxes or be the cheapest. (we charge a reasonable price for great products and service)

I want a refund, how do you feel about that?

Under the terms of the Sale of Goods act we are only obliged to refund faulty or mis-sold goods.

However if the goods are of low value we will often provide a refund even if the product is proven to be working and it is established it was not mis-sold. Please bare in mind this policy is provided at our discretion.

We incur costs processing Credit Cards, we incur costs refunding to Credit Cards, therefore is is our general policy to not refund non-faulty goods.

I brought my computer in and it isn’t ready yet what’s going on? Shall I ring you?
Of course you can ring us and check but if we haven’t contacted you it’s unlikely that we have anything new to report. That said we are a busy company and you may be on the list of clients to call.

We have no benefit in delaying things, in fact we’re as/more eager to get things finished than you are.

But please don’t be afraid to call us, we want you to be happy and if that means just checking in now and again it’s not a problem.

How long will it take for my computer to be fixed?
There is no straightforward answer to this. For instance, depending on your problem, it may be a 20 minute job or we may have to wait some time if you need an extremely rare part.

Also we will never have solely your computer to work on. Please rest assured however that we will process your computer as fast as possible, we have no interest in delaying things, after all the sooner we finish the sooner we get paid.

We understand it can be frustrating if you need your computer for something urgent and we will do whatever is in our power to help, we have one of the fastest turnaround times on the market, one of our larger competitors has a average of 5 weeks turnaround.

Why aren’t you as cheap on some products as other companies?
Every company is different. We have different costs, different suppliers, different product stacks (we supply some of the best quality products around). So we can’t always be cheaper on everything than everyone else.

We’re not a cheap company, but that doesn’t mean we are expensive. We believe in service and quality.

If you want a cheap product from a cheap company with cut price service and cut price quality there are plenty out there to buy from, when you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot — it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.

We want loyal customers, customers who chose us because we are cheap will leave us in a heartbeat because they found someone cheaper next time, why would we invest time and money in servicing people who will leave us at the drop of a hat?

I’m sure you will agree the convenience of being able to walk in to a high street store, ask questions and pick up products and services there and then is of massive value too.

Why do similar looking computers vary so much in price?
For the same reason a Ferrari costs much more than Fiat. Components on a dearer computer will usually be of better quality (performance, efficiency, etc.). It is in the interest of every computer manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler and vendor to keep their costs and prices down to stay in competition with each other. However, some manufacturers will massively down-grade their offerings to maximise profit – to such an extent that you’ll end up with an extremely inferior system.

Buyer beware! A more expensive computer will always perform better, cost less in maintenance and contribute to longer trouble-free computing.

I could almost buy a new computer for the price of new parts, why?
When a computer manufacturer goes to China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, etc. to have 100,000 computers built, they’ll want 100,000 chassis, 100,000 disc drives, etc. and they will be discounted for bulk buying and only pay the local price for each item.

They will also be paying the local labour charges. When these components reach our shores, each item will go through the hands of the importer, wholesaler and then the computer shop – each will add a little to the price to cover their overheads (import duty, re-packaging into smaller quantities, British transport costs, British labour costs, British taxes, etc.) and make a small profit – by the time it reaches you the price may be significantly higher.

Environmental impact is minimised it’s much better to buy one or two items as needed than a whole computer.

Arbitrary disposal of a whole computer is not only suicidal to our-planet but also unnecessary in energy requirements. Also don’t forget that your computer is set up they way you like with all your personal files.

“Can you give me / tell me how to fix …”
Wouldn’t it be nice for every computer shop (and for that matter any other shop/outlet) to have a resident guru to impart his/her years of a) knowledge, b) experience, c) skills and d) spilt blood & sweat & tears for free access to all. Although most computer shops will give some information, they can’t be expected to stop a job from a paying customer to explain all the intricacies of a given problem. Not only will the paying customer have to wait longer to get their computer back, but the shop will be losing valuable time – the overheads of any small shop are staggering and margins are small. Enough lost time will result in its closure – leaving you with chain stores whose only interest is turnover. So, please be understanding when we ask you to book your system in for repair.

“I was looking at one of your computers and the price of it was just a little higher than that which I can buy from a major chain outlet. Why should I buy from you?”
Yes, we too have seen this phenomenon. Initially, we thought “How can they do that? They can’t even buy a computer at that price. They must be making a loss.” On closer examination it is evident that such outlets have previously sold the computer at their usual prices and, when its time to re-stock for the next models, they sell off remaining few computers (usually from the previous year’s models) at a an astonishing price. The tactic employed is to appear to be presenting good prices and to generate web hits. However, do remember that when you purchase a computer from us you are purchasing quality and our support should you have any teething problems. Something you will not get from a chain store.

Your hourly charges are higher than I can find elsewhere

You get what you pay for with I.T. Support as much as you do with anything, the cost of being a fully trained I.T. Engineer is between £10,000 and £20,000 per engineer depending on what training course route you take.

Then the cost of professional tools and software systems is around £7,500 per branch, we use industry leading File Recovery Systems, Heat Reballing and Custom File Backup Server Rigs not to mention screw drivers, network tools, crimpers, tablets etc etc etc.

Then throw in breakages, rent, rates, utilities, wages, telephone, broadband. You get the point.

However! We are cheaper on average than comparable I.T. Support firms by around 15%. We are among the best not just in knowledge and experience but in customer service.

Thank you for your understanding