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Are you ready to push the button?

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We know that even though your current supplier is letting you down, it’s still daunting to “push the button” and move suppliers.

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Full peace of mind

Get Started

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There’s a fear that your current supplier knows your setup, has your passwords and knows how you like to work. And that any downtime caused by switching suppliers will somehow be worse than the poor support your business is currently experiencing.

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We understand your concerns and that’s why we created our easy switch guarantee. We’ll work hard to make sure there’s zero downtime for your company or any unavoidable downtime is kept to a minimum preferably outside office hours.


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We’ve developed an online platform (fully encrypted for security) to hold all the information required on your company setup.

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We’ll schedule your move as a managed project by our team, devise timelines, task lists and communicate with you and your team the whole time.


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And we’ll come up with a contract start date after we start working with you so you can “push the button” when you’re ready. So you’re not paying a penny until you know we’ve got you covered.


Get Started

Migrate your I.T. support to us and you won't be disappointed


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Company infrastructure

We add a 4G redundancy to Cloud Server clients, meaning if your internet is down your system will still connect.

How many workstations do you have in the business?

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Security & Monitoring

How many of your systems, including the server do you want to monitor for imminent and sudden issues?

How many systems do you want to protect with Endpoint anti virus and firewall. (symantec.cloud)

Do you want us to backup your system data only?

Do you want us to backup your system images? We'll take a clone of the system software settings and all.

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Please leave any administrator passwords here for servers and emails. Don't worry they are all encrypted.

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