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The end of Windows 7 as we know it

The end of Windows 7 as we know it

Today marks Windows 7 EndOf Life. In short, this means Microsoft will no longer release security upgrades and patches for security vulnerabilities.

But as Microsoft ends support for the Windows 7 operating system, still 79% of businesses in 2019 had at least one Windows 7 device in their office.

This will be a huge security flaw on any network moving forwards as Microsoft will not release security patches for known flaws and Internet Security and Virus protection do not patch security holes, that is the job of the operating system provider.

By March 2020 at the latest, you need to have all systems in your organisation running a supported operating system.

If you would like an Aurora Tech Support engineer to come to site to produce a free audit not just covering Windows 7 systems but a full security assessment please book to the right.

“What should I look for in Business I.T. support companies?”

“What should I look for in Business I.T. support companies?”

As I.T. becomes more and more integral to the daily operation of our businesses it’s therefore becoming more and more important to ensure that the I.T. support in our companies is not only fit for purpose but changing as the years go by to keep pace with all the changes in the way the world uses technology to make decisions and spend money.

New ways of communicating with prospects and clients are popping up or improving all the time and the expectations of those we do business with are getting ever higher as technology allows more and more companies to compete. Companies who would previously be left for dust.

So when looking for an I.T. support company to support your business, it’s clients, it’s staff and it’s assets you don’t just need an I.T. company that can cover the technicalities of what you and your team are setting out to achieve but also an I.T. partner that understand where your business is going.

Aurora Tech Support work hard not just to monitor your network and iron out the creases, look for gaps in security and fix, make sure devices are running as efficiently as possible but we also look to see where your company might take you in the next 2 years and what your I.T. should do to assist that growth in your company’s operations.

We look to build relationships with our clients and be as involved in their day to day operations and success as anyone involved in your future. In fact, that’s where we believe we leave other I.T. companies for dust, we pride ourselves on our customer service, conscientious attitude, and communication.

If you’d like to have a chat with a member of staff about the I.T. in your business and how we can help you succeed please give us a call on

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How to speed up Office computers

How to speed up Office computers

One thing we get asked a lot by clients is how to speed up the computers on the office network.

Unfortunatly there’s not one answer for this but I’m going to outline the most common reasons the computers in your business might be running slow.


In each of the computers in your business you’ll have a set amount of RAM and an amount your computer will support. Typical values for this are 4-8Gb currently and a maximum of 16Gb. A good target if your computer is running slow is to try and double what you currently have, the more the better but really your aim should be to try and ensure you’re not using all of it and you have some capacity left.


Another reason you might be suffering from slow business machines is the CPU (or processor) in your systems. Unfortunatly this cannot be upgraded the way RAM can above, and really needs to be a major consideration when purchasing PCs for the office in the first place. The best in our experiance is a Intel i3 at a minimum or an Intel i5 or i7 would be ideal.


A HDD or Hard Disk Drive is the part of your computer that stores all the data, so the letters, spreadsheets, email and Windows and all the applications installed on your system. But there’s a shift to what are called SSD or Solid State Drives. These are storage containers that have no moving parts (like the USB Storage you plug in to a computer) this is not only much quicker than traditional HDDs but more reliable and less prone to faults. Also we can clone your existing HDD to a SSD.


Over time or even at manufacture a lot of apps and software get installed on your office PCs, and a lot will start with Windows even though you’re not using them, some need to run when the systems start but many don’t. By configuring what needs to be running and what doesn’t you can make significant improvements to the PCs running in your business.

As mentioned at the top there can be hundreds of reasons a PC might be running slow but these are some of the most common, when we take care of a clients business I.T. systems we monitor and look out for these causes so they can be fixed.

If you’d liek to have a chat about Aurora Tech Support maintaining your office infrastructure ether as a part of an ongoing monthly agreeent or ad hoc please give us a call.

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Harrogate Meeting Spots and Cafe – Productivity Reviews

Harrogate Meeting Spots and Cafe – Productivity Reviews

Work in progress

Our guys spend a lot of time in Harrogate and Leeds and sometimes we need to meet a client somewhere or get on WiFi to do a remote assistance job for a client that’s just cropped up.

So we thought it’d be a good idea to let you know should you be in a similar position the best and not the best places to hold your meeting or get a hot coffee while you go online to deliver for your clients.

A few ground rules

We’re not looking to damage any-ones business, we all need to make a living and so any ratings that fall below a 3 will not be ranked, we’ll just put n/a or something.

It’s unlikely anyone will get a 5 as that would be “no room for improvement” and the rankings will be based on the price point of each establishment, if you’re paying 95 pence for a coffee and free wifi then that will be reflected in the rankings.

Everyman Harrogate

Everyman is an amazing film Noir esque bar and cafe with about 5 cinema screens too, it’s a great place to hold a meeting, it has great background music that’s not too loud to talk but loud enough to sit and listen should you be alone on your laptop.

The WiFi however is terrible, and I’m pretty sure this is a deliberate decision because Everyman Leeds is just as bad.

Service: 4
Price: 3.7
Decor: 4.5
WiFi: n/a

West Park Harrogate

West Park Harrogate while a little out of the centre is a great location especially if you’re looking for something to eat, the menu is very good if you have a client or prospect you want to impress.

Service: 4.4
Price: 3.5
Decor: 4.5
WiFi: 4.3 (according to 44Mbps)

How to make rapid efficiency gains in your organisation over the next 12 months

How to make rapid efficiency gains in your organisation over the next 12 months

The I.T. in your business can help you not only deliver amazing client experiences but really explode your companies growth.

A few of the things you should consider implementing in your organisation if you haven’t already and their benefits to you.

A maintenance agreement not only gives you an I.T. professional to call and ask for I.T. advice whenever you need it but the add-on services attached provide many more tangible benefits. By remotely monitoring and managing devices you can:-

– Reduce downtime
Real-time alerts and allows us your IT provider to remediate IT problems before your users come to you and tell you they can’t work.

– Enforce IT Compliance, reliability and system security
Protect your organization through fully managed patching, antivirus and backups.

– Reporting
Get frequent reports on where improvements can be made and efficiency gains be found.

If you want to speak with someone no obligation please use the below link to send us your details and we’d love to provide a free audit of your systems.

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Find out how I.T. can catapult your companies growth

What does your business need to go to the next step?

What does your business need to go to the next step?

Scaling a business is hard, and that’s the main reason 8 out of 10 businesses fail. Of course I make the assumption they are good technically at what they do.

Often the failure to scale a business means that companies can’t manage turbulent times or unforeseen periods of difficulty that sometimes aren’t even created by those in the business. As technology weaves it’s way further into the fabric of our businesses the need to use those I.T. systems to scale and grow becomes greater and greater.

I.T. and the technology available to you is your “get out of jail free” card, often solutions can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of a new employee, to achieve the necessary growth required to hire those new team members you require but don’t have the capital quite yet. For over 15 years we’ve worked with many Yorkshire companies to create efficiency in their offices, increase employee engagement and productivity.

We first sit down with you, understand your business it’s values and challenges and then we look at monitoring the performance of the systems in your company and look to make improvements not just in the systems performance but how the technology in your business is used.

From this we can each month make constant improvements and efficiency gains for your team. This then leads into a huge spike in productivity and employee engagement.

Then scaling your business is easy, as it’s done in a holistic and manageable way, we’re positive that only by building these relationships with you can businesses succeed and thrive. In fact for 15 years we’ve built scaled Aurora Tech Support in this way through our technology. If you’d like to have a chat with us about how we can help you to scale and create a business for your competitors to be jealous of please get in touch.

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Credibility – We need IT, you need IT

Credibility – We need IT, you need IT

As business owners we talk endlessly about social media, brand message, standards, communication, how approachable we are, how responsive we are, why we’re better than our competitors. To the point that everyone looks the same.

Businesses know how to play the game, communication is easier than ever, the internet has given a platform to everyone to send out their message, and we do don’t we?

While we might all know what to say the one thing you can’t fake is credibility.

And that’s what we are all seeking at the end of the day, this crusade for post likes, shares, followers of our business pages ultimately leading to sales, we want credibility, because as was ever the case.

Credibility is the real currency of success.

Some businesses are just different, they don’t try and force through how good they are they show it as soon as they have the chance, they aren’t perfect but they’ll make it right if once in a Blue moon they let you down.

These companies not only realise that standards need to be high, they deliver. And the only way they can do this in the modern climate is attention to detail from start to finish.

With themselves, the message they deliver to their team, the message their team deliver to their clients. And I.T. now underpins all of this, our I.T. systems are the tool that allows these performances to be put in. And when that fails everything crashes like a house of cards, and credibility goes through the floor.

Corners cannot be cut if you’re serious about being among the best at what you do, your I.T. partner needs to understand you, and understand that your success is their success.

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Building for the future

Building for the future

The secret of any successful business is keeping all the plates spinning while innovating and building for the future.

Measuring what you do well and what gets results for your business. The data we hold in our organisations is fast becoming the key to unlocking growth and profitability. With proper analysis of this data we can find out what works and what doesn’t from our day to day activities. It tells us where our good clients are coming from and where our bad clients come from.

With this information we can build on our current successes and drive our businesses forward for the future. Every business is now an I.T. business because every business needs to use the internet, technology and data to succeed in the future.

Therefore it makes sense for every business to have an I.T. partner that not only keeps their systems operational but keeps their systems efficient and positions the technology in their business to drive results in the future.

The companies we work with receive more than just break / fix I.T. support, they get a business partner, a partner to look at how the company currently uses the I.T. in their day to day operations and look at how that I.T. can drive better results and increase profits.

And all this comes from first understanding your business, spending a bit of time getting to know you, your team and your goals and then secondly understanding your data, finding key indicators of growth, and potential future growth.

Once we have this overview of your business and how you want the future to look we can really start to together make big changes for the future and your results.

If you’d like to discuss how you can use your team and the I.T. in your company to build for the future lets have a chat.

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What is Data Driven Decision Making and why should you be doing it?

What is Data Driven Decision Making and why should you be doing it?

We are now living in the age of Data, it’s everywhere and every day we collect more of it. That data holds valuable insight into trends and the future growth of our businesses.

Analysis of this data though is not always straight forward however. There can be a lot of misleading information depending on the data source and so it’s best to develop a strategy for reading the data available and using it to develop a robust growth strategy.

The way we work with our clients to offer Data Driven Decision making is a 3 step strategy, firstly we spend time understanding your business operations. We spend time understanding where you want to take the business in the next few years and the current challenges your team are dealing with. Once we have a good understanding of your business and its challenges we can then start to look at the best ways to look for the meaningful data to overcome these challenges and even improve conversion rates from enquiries.

Then we will look at the current strategy for collecting data and where we can possibly collect further meaningful data to aid in better business decisions. Once we have a good database or two to work from we will develop a dashboard for your company to view the data in an easily readable format and each month dissect that data and make recommendations of ways to generate more leads, more orders and provide great delivery to your clients new and old.

The great benefit to a robust data driven decision making strategy is using the information already in your possession to grow revenue and profit margins at a reduced cost compared with modern marketing techniques.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you and your team use the data in your business to drive better decisions then please book a free consultation now.

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Does your business need innovative I.T. support, efficient systems, engaged inspired teams and happy customers?

Does your business need innovative I.T. support, efficient systems, engaged inspired teams and happy customers?

Does your business need innovative I.T. support, efficient systems, engaged inspired teams and happy customers?

I know no-one’s going to say no to this, but so many businesses suffer from poor I.T. systems and support for those systems, and don’t just spend a lot of money on support for those systems but cost their businesses more money from living with inefficient systems and un-engaged team members.

We save most clients money in both the short and long term, we don’t just provide I.T. support and solve issues when the go wrong, we look at the network and make recommendations on how systems can be improved. This results in growth for your company and engaged employees. Truly win win.

The I.T. in your business is your business, we transact through our devices and desk phones, without them your team can’t produce results for your clients. We understand this is the most important aspect of the systems in your company not just getting things working again if they fail.

With efficient systems and inspired teams you can create amazing experiences for your clients and send referrals through the roof.

This is where Aurora Tech Support excel, we’re fanatical about service, and we know the benefits everyone accrues when things are running smoothly.

If you’d like to have a chat please get in touch we can spend 15 minutes on the phone or come see your setup and give you a proposal for managing your systems.

Find out a little more on the link below

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