Aurora Tech Support helps you develop a team and business systems to ride the coming wave of change.


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Over the next few years “convergent disruption” will mean most business interactions and transactions will be made via the technology in your business.

You need an I.T. partner to make sure that you’re ready for this new way of doing business and don’t get left behind.

An I.T. partner to make sure that your systems are up to modern business tasks and constantly monitored.

Periodic strategic looks at your workforce habits and your targets and configuring the I.T. systems to deliver your business needs.

Monthly or quarterly meetings to iron out any issues with your network and how you use technology to create amazing client and prospect experiences.

Strategic looks at how you can use your I.T. systems to deliver amazing leadership outcomes for your business (using proven techniques from Dale Carnegie and 2-inspire.)

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We hold free business seminars once a quarter at some of the best UK venues to give you some great ideas on how to use technology to produce great results and avoid becoming one of the many casualties of the coming technological business revolution.


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*Darren Northfield, Managing Director of Aurora Tech Support has also worked with many companies through Dale Carnegie Training and 2inspire delivering inspiring Leadership programmes to management and Senior Decision makers for over 10 years.

We have capacity for 8 Businesses

We have capacity to work with a small number of Companies in a Growth Partnership, this is a unique opportunity for a small number of firms for a one-to-one partnership with us to Grow your Business through I.T. Innovation.
We’d love to open this opportunity up for as many Businesses as we can physically visit, and this will be standard operations for I.T. companies in the not too distant future but to begin this needs to be done right with a small number of firms and we will add capacity as we can accommodate to the High standards required for your business to meet the modern demands of I.T. in Business.

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